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Christopher Clare is a photographer in Jamaica who practices modern wedding photography with a twist of the classics for the unique and not so typical bride and groom. Anyone who want fun, fresh and timeless images that will carry on the beautiful legacy of their marriage.

He is a photographer with strong artistic background and possess skills in the visual arts, specifically painting and photography. In addition to being passion driven by art, he also humbly has been under the guidance of several senior professional photographers in Jamaica and the USA, who have given him priceless advice and made him, who he is today over the last ten years. A strong believer in the old adage of “never being too old to learn” and though well learned, he still seeks knowledge from all source that will be of positive impact on him, which eventually immortalizes in various ways in how he sees things, people, art and life.

Humility is one of his most notable traits accompanied by his passion for the arts and by extension wedding photography. Though very quiet by nature he knows how and when to take charge in the most eloquent manner with utmost respect for all. He is firm believer in gratitude and lives a simple judgemental free life treating everyone on the same level.

Christopher Clare loves what he does and relish the thought for his next wedding adventure where the fuel for his passion is simply love. For him, each wedding experience is like that of a painting with him being the painter who conveys the moments bit by bit on his canvas with utmost precision. As the event comes to a close, so does the series of that particular wedding with the result being a magnificent tapestry masterpiece in its own right, carefully done and ready to be adored by all in the gallery of bliss. He constantly pushes himself to raise the bar crossing over in between reality and fantasy achieving boundless pleasures in the visual aesthetics of each image as they unfold.

Chris is also a comedian of some sort both on and off the job and quickly will have you feeling relaxed and comfortable in his presence. He will go the extra mile to put a smile on your face as well as to make your wedding experience a most memorable one.

Thank you for taking the time to know and understand your wedding photographer Christopher Clare, who looks forward to knowing you also by virtue of being given the responsibilities of documenting your very special wedding day. One love to you all ❤.

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